Saturnia Farm

What products do you have available at the market?

Unique perennials and annuals, native plants, butterfly and moth garden host plants, specialty willows, cut flowers, wildflower & farm-style bouquets, seed packets, garden photography greeting cards, free range heritage duck and chicken eggs on occasion, and pumpkins and select farm produce occasionally.

Describe your production practices.

On our small farm in Clyde, we propagate plants from seed and cuttings using cold frames built from re-purposed materials. We are committed to bringing more environmentally beneficial and hard-to-find plants into the public sphere. So many amazing plants are not available in garden centers–especially natives. Although we are not organic certified, we never use chemicals. We have goats and free-range chickens and ducks who help us with pest control and compost creation around the nursery. We also plan to sell the majority of our plants in recyclable/compostable pots. In addition to providing our livelihood, we hope our new farm and its products can provide a public and ecological service for Western North Carolina.