Our COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan

Let's work together to keep our community well

Health & Safety Highlights

FACE COVERINGS are required. We have a limited number of cloth masks to give away and plenty for purchase from our quilters. We are glad that many in our community are getting vaccinated, but we need to play it safe and appreciate your cooperation.

SAFE SHOPPING: Please follow physical distancing guidelines. One customer at a tent at a time; others should wait 6’ away. Hand-washing station and hand sanitizer located at the yellow Market Information tent.

DOGS: Dogs are permitted at Market. If you bring your dog with you, PLEASE ensure that s/he is well-behaved and leashed close to you, in a carrier or in a stroller. Kindly remember that the Market is a place of business (with food and other delicate items that do not need to be damaged) and that we attract a wide variety of customers with varied experience with dogs. Thank you for your consideration and cooperation!

PAYMENT: Cash, credit/debit and tokens accepted ($5, $1 SNAP/EBT and Double Up Food Bucks!)

MARKET HOURS: 9:00 AM to noon.

CAPACITY: 100 customers at a time. Please wait behind the traffic cones to enter if the market is at capacity. We appreciate your patience!

RESTROOMS: Restrooms are open to those as needed.

For more details, please see the guidelines below.

Our top priority is the health and safety of our customers, our vendors, and our staff. In response to the current novel coronavirus epidemic, we’re making some changes to how the market will run this season. Below you’ll find the changes we believe are necessary to ensure the wellness of all our market family and visitors. We ask all members of our community to have patience as we navigate these guidelines.

COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan


  • NEW HOURS: 9a – 12p
  • No customer or vendor exhibiting symptoms will be allowed to enter the market
  • Per Governor Cooper’s 6/24/20 Executive Order, face coverings are now required for both vendors and customers of the market. We encourage all visitors to come wearing the face covering of their choice. If you forget yours, we have a limited supply to give away and two vendors with handmade masks for purchase.
  • Children must be closely supervised by an adult.
  • Food samples are not allowed.
  • HART restrooms are now available.
  • Leashed, well-behaved dogs are permitted at the market.
  • More strict guidelines and changes may occur at any time.


  • The market begins at 9am. No one is allowed to begin shopping/selling before 9am.
  • There must be 5′ between vendor canopies.
  • There must be 6′ between all people at the market ALL times.
  • No more than 1 customer is allowed at each vendor tent at a time. Any others must wait to be served 6’ or more away.
  • The total number of shoppers will be limited (100 max.) by market staff.
  • Customers will be asked to wait in line if the market is full.


  • Products should be pre-packed or bunched before the market. In cases where that is not possible, customers can describe or point to the product that they want and the vendor will put it in a bag for them.
  • Vendors may accept credit cards, at their option, but must handle cards with dedicated gloves if accepted.
  • Cash will be accepted at each vendors’ discretion but in the form of exact change only.


  • HHFM will provide hand-washing stations and hand sanitizer for customers and vendors.
  • Vendors must sanitize surfaces before, during, and after the market
  • Staff will sanitize public surfaces before, during, and after the market.
  • This implies both vendors and the market must use cleanable surfaces. Minimal displays only.
  • Gloves are highly advised and should be used if handling customer credit cards.


  • Vendors who are experiencing illness or exhibiting flu-like symptoms of any kind will not be permitted to enter the market.
  • Vendors must wear masks during market open hours.
  • All vendors must wash or sanitize their hands frequently and avoid touching their faces.
  • Vendors must refrain from shaking hands, hugging, or other physical contact.
  • If vendors learn they have been exposed to COVID-19, they must notify market management.

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Saturdays, 9am - 12pm
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HART Theater Parking Lot
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Haywood's Historic Farmers Market

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